Your Journey

At Talbot Financial Designs... your financial success 
is designed specifically for you alone based on your goals.

Money managers usually focus on

investing all or most of your money in the markets where there is often

unnecessary risk, fees and taxes. 

We are different . .  .

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Macro Financial Designs

Talbot Financial Designs believes in delivering financial designs focused on your needs and desires.  We provide experience,

professionalism, and results beyond  traditional market risk and rate of returns strategies.

We do not ask or require you to replace your money manager

or other financial professionals in your financial world.

We teach principles that never change when everything changes 

permitting you to live a more prosperous life now and in retirement.

Service Modalities:

We work in our office as well as by video conference.

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Debt Elimination for life

Being debt free is a goal for most people - young and old! 

Young people want to get rid of oppressive school, credit card and other debts to start a family.

Clients of all ages learn how to eliminate debt

and build an emergency fund at the same time without any extra money.

Empty nesters eliminate debt before retirement. You learn how to pay off debt and simultaneously grow an alternate income fund to fight market volatility and  sequence of returns risk in retirement.  Many enjoy having a fund to lend their adult kids money for a downpayment on a house.


Tax reduction for high net worth clients and estates

There are rules and taxes to be aware of when you are accumulating your wealth that can allow you to have less or even no taxes.  You learn financial designs that could result in paying low or no taxes in retirement as well as  the elimination of costly taxes on required minimum distributions for money you don't require in retirement.


Maximize your retirement income with less risk

Traditional financial teaching encourages you to max out your pre-taxed retirement plans, instead, a diversified income stream in retirement can give you more confidence as well as reduced market risk. 

You learn how accumulation of assets before retirement works differently than distribution in retirement as well as the effect of sequence of returns in retirement.

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A full financial design review is our most valued and effective client service

Will you have enough for retirement?

Have you ever done a comprehensive financial design? 

Most clients have made decisions at different times for different reasons under different circumstances and their financial design isn't coordinated for your maximum wealth potential. 

A comprehensive review of your financial design helps you match your financial goals and your resources to reach your maximum financial potential.



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