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Your Financial Journey


Eliminate retirement confusion and stress in a

four step process

You can have peace concerning your financial success


even when the markets are bad.

Financial  Planning is complex  -   Eliminate the confusion


Our Ideal Client

  • Joint income of $100,000 a year or more  (all incomes benefit)

  • Ages 50 - 70 years of age  (all ages benefit)

  • You want to do better than hope things will work out in retirement

  • You want to eliminate retirement confusion through teaching

  • Your want a plan designed for your goals and situation

  • You want top shelf teaching and service

Easy Four Step Process


1.  Brief 5-10 minute phone call to share your goals and concerns.

 (We decide together if we continue to next steps.)

2.  Fact Finding meeting and foundational teaching

3.  Implementation meeting teaching you the opportunities available and you choose your next steps.

4.  Ongoing 6 month and 12 month reviews with special meetings called anytime you want a second opinion or extra perspective. 

Meeting Modalities:

 - In office

 - Video conference

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Debt Elimination for life





You will learn how to permanently  eliminate debt and never use or need a credit card or loan again.  

Most clients eliminate all their debt in 7 years including the home mortgage and you never have to refinance or get a consolidation loan.


Tax reduction for high net worth clients and estates

You learn the rules about how to manage taxes for optimal financial success.  Planning can result in a zero tax bracket in retirement for all income earners.

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Maximize your retirement income with less risk

You learn how traditional Monte Carlo strategies are risky and expensive.  You learn how to insure your retirement income with diverse account types for peace of mind in retirement.

A full Financial Design
- Your professionally designed Retirement plan

Will you have enough for retirement?

You design your own comprehensive financial design to reach your maximum financial potential.  

Our Fees:

Your 4 step process is Free.  

You will learn the hidden fees and costs in the financial world for your success.



To do a quick 12 minute Planswell Financial Review use this link:

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To do your Color Of Money Risk assessment use this link:

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Use your Generational vault username and password here:  

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Cookie Harvey, Scheduling                 Holly Talbot, Agent

Robert Talbot,  MA, RIA        Jennifer Talbot, Client Relations

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